about blogenlust

About Me

Name: John

Age: 25

Sign: Libra

Reside: Oakland, California

Contact: blogenlust@gmail.com

Interests: (in no particular order) Politics, Movies, Travel, Running, Athletics, Philosophy, Art, Music

Professional Associations: Bay Area Blogger Association, South Eastern Wisconsin Blogger Consortium

Quick Bio: I'm currently working in the fields of public radio and internet software technology, though not for the same job, in Oakland, California. Prior to this, I attended graduate school in Boston, college in Iowa, and was born and raised in Wisconsin.

Blogenlust began as an outlet for me to share with others my thoughts on things I find interesting. It's also great therapy.

I made up the word blogenlust and derived it from the German word lebenslust, which translates into "love of life." -lust is pronounced like lewst.